The $ Value of Networking

One of the postings in this blog was Boston Globe coverage of a study that identified a dollar value of networking. Studying executives who purchase and sell their company's shares, the University of Michigan professors found that men and women don't benefit equally from the trades. Although all executives made money, men made more. And the finance professors who conducted the study attribute the differences to this:
" seem to have better access to inside information - a leg up on networking with the other (mostly male) executives." (e.a.)
In this time of economic turmoil, there is another reason to continue to invest in your strategic relationships. As I've reported in the past - after a job loss, women at senior levels have a harder time getting re-employed than men. The reason? A less robust safety net of strategic relationships.

It's common in challenging times for people (and organizations) to contract, but as Kathleen Hittner, CEO of The Miriam Hospital has said, "You can't shrink your way to greatness."

So, find ways to continue to extend yourself in ways that make sense - and one of these is extending your strategic relationships.

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