Obama/Biden's Agenda for Women

Wondering what the Obama/Biden administration has in mind for women? Well, you can find the agenda here...and women's concerns are defined as far ranging to include:
  • Healthcare
  • Research into Women's Health
  • Supporting the Right to Choose
  • Preventing Unintended Pregnancy
  • Preventing Violence Against Women (here and abroad)
  • Pay Equity
  • Investing in Women-Owned Small Businesses
  • and more...
AND you can go here to share your vision for America with the President and VP-elect. Here's what I wrote:
"NPR has run a series entitled "This I Believe" and every time I heard a listener essay I was reminded that I believe in women's power to lead. My vision for America includes more women in leadership positions and a sustained focus on women's issues.

This has been an historic election season for women. I have the audacity to hope that the Obama/Biden administration will capitalize on the increased visibility of women in order to tap frequently less visible, but highly qualified women leaders for key positions in the administration, in the federal government and on the courts.

I commend you for the issues on the women's agenda and hope to see great progress on all of them - including a pro-choice majority on the Supreme Court and guaranteed access to birth control. Though it might not be immediately obvious, these two issues are related. Research published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston several years ago found that the increase in women's earning power directly correlates to our reproductive rights.

My vision for the country? An America where young girls viewing the news (paper, TV, web) see their gender represented in historic proportions and grow up knowing they have the opportunity to be and do whatever they want because their control over their bodies is protected."

AND here's another call to action from Linda Basch of the National Council on Research for Women.

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