Dell's Knell?

I've often thought that new economy companies (those that weren't around during the first wave of consent decrees) might be more prone to discrimination against women. There's no stats to that effect, but large suits against Wal-Mart and now Dell might be indicators.
"Alleging that Dell Inc, the world's second-largest computer maker, is discriminating against female employees and workers over forty, four former female Human Resources executives sued their ex-employer seeking $500 million in damages.

Dell had terminated the service of four senior female employees earlier this year, as part of the job cut.

Filing a class action discrimination lawsuit against the company in U.S. District Court in California, they alleged the company of systemic discrimination in blocking women across the company from breaking into the top ranks.

The plaintiffs, in their lawsuit, wanted Dell to change, what they call the company's discriminatory policies regarding pay, job placement, promotion, and termination."

These women are from HR, so they're likely to be "in the know" about the policies! Read the entire article at CIOL.

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