President Obama and Leadership in Turbulent Times

I am eagerly anticipating President Obama’s inauguration and inaugural address. In these turbulent times, he has achieved unprecedented approval ratings - largely the result of speeches that he writes himself. I think it's safe to say that he has much to teach executives about leading in difficult times. Among the lessons:

  1. Have a Vision - Remain focused on what is possible and what you seek to achieve.
  2. Remain Strategic - Don’t get caught in the weeds. Look for opportunities hidden in the turbulence.
  3. Reassure - Remind employees that they’ve made it through tough times before.
  4. Inspire - Focus on peoples’ abilities to make a difference.
  5. Unite - Remind staff of the incredible power of many acting as one.

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Susan Colantuono

Susan Colantuono is the CEO & Founder of Leading Women. You can follow her on Twitter.

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