Executive Lessons from President Obama's Inaugural Address

When President Obama took the oath of office, he joined you and other national and global leaders at the helm in turbulent seas. Embedded in his address is a potent strategic communication lesson for any executive or manager. President Obama (who generally writes his own speeches) used 13 communication tools to remind his fellow citizens that, as the Stockdale Paradox says, they "must confront the most brutal facts of your current reality whatever they may be AND at the same time retain faith that you will prevail in the end, regardless of the difficulties." Succeeding in this is crucial for you as you communicate to your organization in these difficult times. Download the complete article.

Posted by: Susan Colantuono, CEO &Founder of Leading Women
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Susan Colantuono said...

Here are some emailed comments I've received from executive women:

"Well done! When I was listening to Pres. Obama's inaugural address I
was thinking about how he is being a great role model to the many of us
who as leaders are having to lead our organizations through difficult times. Thanks for capturing the pearls of wisdom in his speech and reminding each of us what it means to be a leader.
Toni H., SVP

"Susan, thank you for this! I unfortunately had to have a discussion last Friday with my staff to tell them that their wages were being cut. Thankfully due to all of my previous lessons from Leading Women I was able to do that effectively. However, employing a few of these tools would have made that difficult discussion easier. Unfortunately, there may be other difficult discussions this year so no doubt this will come in handy."
Tina C., V.P.

Susan Colantuono said...

More comments via email to me:

"Wow, this was fantastic, many many thanks Susan."
Ellen W., Pharma Exec

"You are such a wonderful mentor and leader....thank you for doing this for us. I plan to share with my leaders as well."
Stephanie L., BCBS exec

"You never cease to provide us with such valuable information and insights. I loved this!! Hope all is well. I am being considered for a Board position...let me know if you have any words of wisdom with regard to that opportunity!"
Valerie L., Ins industry exec

Susan Colantuono said...

"Your summary of the Obama address was absolutely brilliant! I shared it with our leadership team and received great feedback."
Paula S., SVP Tech company

Susan Colantuono said...

Just found out that the article is being used by the top 200 execs at a global company. So pleased that it struck a chord in these difficult times.