Another Superwoman to the Rescue

Carol Bartz' appointment as CEO of Yahoo! garnered national and international coverage (inside and outside the industry) with universally positive articles in:
Forbes excellent article by Carol Hymowitz
Times of London here
LA Times here
InformationWeek here
BBC here
and BetaNews, Wired, and PC World among others.

As yet another woman brought in as CEO of a company near disaster (think Anne Mulcahy at Xerox and Carly Fiorina at HP), Carol faces a daunting task. All indications are she's fully up to it.

As to why I highlight and honor the success of women leaders? Because women promote women. Take a look at this article from WOMEN-omics. Scroll down to the list of women-led companies and take a look at the numbers of their women executive officers and women on their boards.

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Susan Colantuono said...

Yes, there is a phrase for the fact that companies have been elevating women to CEO positions in times of's "glass cliff"!