AAARGH!! Sensational Headlines Stink

The Glass Hammer posted a story this week titled, "The end of the road for women's networks?" Here's a summary of the case for the title (and AGAINST women's networks):
  • networks' underlying assumption is that there's something wrong with women and we need to stop "fixing" women
Here's the case FOR women's networks made by others quoted in the article:
  • women's networks play an important role in "fixing" the organizations
  • women's networks provide a forum for tips, support and strategies on navigating the corporate environment
  • women's networks help women find mentors and dream big
  • Gen Y workers have never faced discrimination and women's networks can help them deal with situations they face
So, is it the end of the road for women's networks?

Obviously not, but it could happen if women's networks don't focus on the right things. I don't usually use the blog to write about what Leading Women does, but indulge me for a moment because this is so important.

Leading Women's strategic planning model for women's networks makes sure that women's networks are aligned with the business and deliver programming that advances women. Our clients have gone from a marginalized "nice to do" to being seen as "partners in talent management." Our leadership program grads get promoted. When it comes to women's advancement, we "get it" and are honored to work with amazing women who also "get it".

Scroll down to the 8th comment on the article to see what else I have to say on this subject.

Lead ON!
Susan Colantuono is CEO of Leading Women and author of No Ceiling, No Walls. She blogs on networking for PINK Magazine. Follow her on Twitter.
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