First Woman Gondolier!

Okay, I'm Italian American by heritage so indulge me. The Telegraph reports that there is finally a woman gondolier in Venice. Giorgia Boscolo makes quite a splash (hopefully not literally)
"Ms Boscolo's achievement is truly remarkable as since gondoliers took to the waterways of Venice in 1094, there has never been a woman among them..."The guys joked with me that a woman would not be able to control a heavy and long gondola, but I told them that I had given birth to two children and that was far more difficult."
But wait, what's this? The BBC reports...well, you read it:
"...the BBC's David Willey in Rome says that even now, Giorgia Boscolo can only stand in for a male colleague if he wants to take a day off from the lucrative job of rowing tourists."
Shout out to Jeanine Palumbo for the link!

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